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Since independence, Uzbekistan has consistently been implementing a strategy for large-scale constructive socio-political and socio-economic transformations aimed at achieving: peace in the country, prosperity in the homeland, well-being of the people.

The socially oriented market economy, state and public construction system of independent Uzbekistan are developing dynamically.

Successive implementation of socio-economic reforms, strong social policy has resulted in a steady growth in real incomes and prosperity of the population. Systems of education and training, personnel training, health protection, and culture that are unique in substance and content have been created.

A new generation of people, independently and modernly thinking personnel of new formation who are brought up on national and panhuman values and able to really implement large-scale tasks for modernization of the country and construction of modern democratic society, people with a deep sense of their responsibility for the present and future of the country, responsibility for destiny of their native country are entering into life.

The successive movement of the country on the way of progress and democracy rests on richest natural resources, which Uzbekistan possesses. Since the first days of independent development, a course was set for rational use of natural resources, conservation of clean natural environment for future generations. This is one of the major conditions and factors for ensuring healthy and spiritually rich life of the population in the country.

The age of the totalitarian, administrative-command system, which our people have survived, is characterized by complete neglect of environmental condition, destructive exploitation of natural resources. We have inherited from this age a number of unsolved global and regional environmental problems, including the Aral Sea desiccation, desertification, land and water resources degradation, degradation of flora and fauna gene pool, reduction of biological diversity, formation of large quantities of industrial and other waste. These and other problems make the issues of environmental protection and improvement especially urgent for present-day Uzbekistan, for which the goal and essence of all implemented reforms is human, protection of his interests and, above all, rights to healthy, clean environment.

For the years of its independent development, the country has acquired a considerable experience in solving environmental problems and overcoming their negative consequences. However, the strength and scope of challenges existing in this field require consolidating efforts of state structures, public associations, civil society institutions, citizens in integrated solving of environmental situation improvement problems in the country and region. The protection of healthy environment should become a business of the government, society and each citizen of the country.

Thereupon today the establishment of Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan has become an insistent demand of time. The Ecological Movement aims to unite citizens of the country who support ideas and want to actively participate in environmental and public health protection, and are convinced that an environmentally focused approach to carrying out of political, economic and social reforms is the most effective way for sustainable development in Uzbekistan.

The Ecological Movement seeks to mobilize all forces of society for further deepening of reforms carried out in the country, which are aimed at implementation and strict observance of the rights of present and future generations of citizens in Uzbekistan to living in a favorable environment, improvement of public health, protection and rational use of all the complex of natural resources.

Considering "Healthy Environment Healthy Human" as its main motto, the Ecological Movement sets the following program tasks for its implementation.

I. All-round increase of public participation activity in environmental protection and improvement

The most attention of the Ecological Movement will be focused on that environmental protection would become a business of each citizen of the country.

For these purposes, the Ecological Movement directs its basic efforts to:

-      formation of aspiration among its participants and partner organizations to active practical participation in the development and implementation of integrated national, regional and local environmental programs as well as programs aimed at public health protection;

-      coordination of efforts made by its participants and partners for system monitoring of environmental and public health protection problems, raising of responsibility of government and public bodies for execution of legislative acts aimed at solving existing environmental problems and overcoming their negative consequences;

-      development and effective interaction of public associations, funds and other non­governmental non-profit organizations in solving specific environmental problems.

Strengthening relations with international and foreign environmental public organizations, the Ecological Movement will also seek to contribute to development of effective international cooperation in environmental and public health protection.

II. Carrying out of systemic work to ensure implementation of already adopted laws and other state documents on environmental protection, and assistance to further perfection and development of the legislation in this field

The paramount task of the Ecological Movement will be to provide broad public assistance and support for work of state bodies, environmental organizations, all enterprises and institutions on implementation of laws in force and other government decisions concerning environmental protection, improvement of water and air, land and biological resources and their protection from harmful influence of waste, and public healthcare.

At the same time, the Ecological Movement will initiate adoption of new legal acts by legislative and executive authorities, modification of laws in force and other regulatory legal acts in order to improve legal regulation of solving the existing ecological and environmental problems, further development of the environmental legislation and legislation concerning public health according to the generally accepted rules of international law and the international agreements with the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In particular, the Ecological Movement intends:

-      assist to adopt and implement legislative acts on integrated maintenance of environmental security, which protect the rights of citizens to favorable natural environment, and further introduction of economic mechanisms in nature management;

-      provide all-round support to measures being implemented in the country for raising responsibility of enterprises and organizations, officials and individual citizens for environmental offences and other damage to the environment;

-      assist to raise effectiveness of legislative regulation and law enforcement practice concerning elimination of consequences of environmental offences and other negative impacts on nature, including of transboundary character, and compensation of damage caused by them to the environment and population health.

The Ecological Movement considers it is important to promote public initiative in support to development and adoption of new laws and perfection of laws in force, and other regulatory legal acts aimed at:

-      further development of economic, financial, fiscal and other instruments and incentives for introduction of environmentally appropriate and safe, water-, resource- and energy-saving technologies in all sectors of industry, agriculture, transport, energy;

-ensure balanced use of energy resources, stage-by-stage transition to renewable energy sources;

-improve land fertility and meliorative condition by using new effective methods and innovative agricultural technologies;

-      create effective taxation mechanisms, under which it is unprofitable for producer to infringe environmental legislation, provide tax benefits for environmental activities.

III. Raising of the responsibility of central and local authorities, public and other structures for executing adopted documents on environmental protection and ensuring rational use of resources allocated to these purposes

The Ecological Movement will assist in every possible way to raise the responsibility of central and local authorities, various public and other structures for unconditional performance of laws and other governmental decisions concerning environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and funds directed to these purposes. To this end, it will develop cooperation with members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (upper chamber of Parliament) and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis (lower chamber of Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, deputies of local Kengashs (Councils), self-government civil institutions, public organizations, other civil society institutions and the mass media.

At that, special attention will be focused on raising the responsibility of officials of central and local authorities, enterprises, organizations and institutions for compliance with laws and other government decisions:

-on protected natural areas and entities, environmental certification and expertise, on waste management and on environmental requirements in production activities;

on water and water use, on land, on mineral resources, on atmospheric air protection, on protection and use of forests, flora and fauna;

-on acceleration of activities for complete provision of population in the country with high-quality drinking water and raising of the responsibility of economic entities and population for conservation and rational use of water resources;

-on programs for environmental monitoring in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-on localization, rehabilitation and improvement of environmental situation in the Aral Sea coastal zone and in other environmentally unfavorable regions in the country;

-on protection of gene pool, additional measures for social support to population living in environmental risk zones;

-on protection of population health.

The Ecological Movement intends to actively assist to implement target regional and territorial programs adopted by state authorities, environmental legislation at local level for:

-improvement of infrastructure of environmentally protected sites and environmental facilities, modernization of actual productions in order to reduce their harmful impact on natural ecosystems;

-improvement of environmental condition and amenities of human settlements and cities, overcoming of environmentally unfavorable consequences of present-day urbanization;

-perfection of household culture in villages, especially its sanitary-hygienic and environmental aspects;

-creation of forest shelterbelts around human settlements and cities located in area of intensive wind erosion and deserts;

-perfection of system for public health and gene pool protection.

The Ecological Movement will also focus its efforts on implementation of systematic public environmental monitoring over execution of priority environmental investment projects at local level, well-timed and complete disbursement and rational use of funds allocated from the State budget to these purposes, and direct foreign investment and credits, sponsor funds.

IV. Raising of ecological culture of the population, development of the system for ecological education and training

The Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan believes that solving of environmental problems being increasingly global today goes beyond introduction of resource-saving and environmentally appropriate technologies in economic activities, implementation of environmental protection actions and perfection of the legislation in this field.

Today measures to raise ecological culture of the population, form a sense of civil liability of everybody for a solicitous attitude to the environment, conserve the unique nature of the country for future generations are increasingly becoming a key factor for environmental improvement and prevention of negative technogenic and anthropogenic impact on the environment.

For implementation of this priority task, the Ecological Movement considers important an active participation of the general public in expansion of work aimed at formation of environmental thinking, development of a harmonious system for ecological education and training helping to implement the principle "Everything for the sake of human, for the sake of his future" proclaimed in the years of independence.

To raise environmental awareness of the population, the Ecological Movement intends to take an active part in the implementation of governmental programs aimed at:

- development and implementation of a program for continuous ecological education and education for sustainable development;

- creation of an effective system for advanced training of specialists in ecology as well as raising ecological education of decision-maker and specialists in various spheres of production, economy and management, law-enforcement and judicial bodies;

- introduction of modern information and communication technologies in processes of ecological education and training, including creation of resources for remote education and training;

-integration of efforts in ecological education and training of youth of comprehensive schools and other educational institutions, families, self-government civil institutions.

To solve challenges to raise ecological culture of the population, the Ecological Movement considers it is important to appeal to cultural heritage of the people that always aspired to establish harmonious mutual relations between human and nature, and conserve it for future generations, as well as to centuries-old national traditions and values of careful attitude to water.

The cultural heritage of the nation should become an important factor for formation of ecologically focused modern outlook, ecological education and training of the population in the country.

The Ecological Movement sets its important program task to popularize environmental outlook, rational approach and careful attitude to the environment, in any spheres of life of society, and will fulfill this task in close cooperation with other civil society institutions.

To attract the public attention to existing environmental problems, issues related to organization of public discussion of best ways for solving them successively, ensuring of unbiased and immediate information of citizens about environmental situation, implementation of work on environmental protection, the Ecological Movement will cooperate with acting mass-media and create its own mass media and web-resources.

The Ecological Movement intends to provide broad public support for promotion of scientific studies in environmental protection, advancement of resource-saving, energy-efficient and environmentally appropriate technologies, and considers that funds invested today in education and science constitute a capital that provides a strong base for forming in the country high-intellectual society with high ecological culture, to which the future belongs.


V.Promotion of international cooperation in environmental


Keeping in mind that environmental protection has no borders, the Ecological Movement will consistently develop and strengthen communications with international and foreign environmental public organizations.

Attaching great significance to that Uzbekistan has joined key environmental documents of international law such as the UN Conventions to combat desertification, on biodiversity, on climate change, on transboundary water use, etc., the Ecological Movement will seek to contribute to further promotion of effective international cooperation for environmental protection and sustainable development.

For these purposes, the Ecological Movement will provide active public support and assistance for:

- effective participation of representatives from Uzbekistan in international environmental forums;

- improvement of practice for holding bilateral and multilateral international conferences, workshops and meetings on environmental problems.

Considering that ensuring environmental security in Central Asia has not only a direct bearing on life and destiny of peoples living here, but is also of global significance, and solving such problems as the Aral Sea desiccation, climate change, land degradation, water shortage and pollution, biodiversity reduction, and transboundary pollution transport goes beyond the interests of the states taken separately and dictates necessity to solve them together, the Ecological Movement supports in every possible way and intends to take an active part in international projects aimed at:

- consolidating international efforts to solve these and other acute environmental problems and issues of human dimension;

- giving an environmental orientation to modernization and development of production in the region;

- supporting environmental initiatives aimed at application of environmentally appropriate technologies, bio- and nanotechnologies, environmental innovations in production;

- attracting international financial institutions in investment and crediting for priority programs and projects in the field of environmental protection, improvement of ecological situation and environmental sanitation education and training, and health protection.

VI. Assistance to that environmental protection would become a business of the government, society and every citizen

To achieve this purpose, the Ecological Movement will develop cooperation with members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Upper chamber of Parliament) and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis (Lower chamber of Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, deputies of local Kengashs (Councils), self-government civil institutions, public organizations, other civil society institutions and the mass media.

At that, the Ecological Movement will seek:

-to develop partner relations between state bodies, public organizations and citizens concerning environmental protection, environmental improvement and public health care;

-to assist to unite efforts made by the active of comprehensive schools and other educational institutions, self-government civil institutions, families and persons in development of the system for ecological education and training;

-consistently unite efforts made by all interested state bodies and public organizations, citizens of the country in achieving in Uzbekistan a high level of ecological culture, understanding by each citizen of that the unique nature of the country is an integral part of historical heritage of the people, and recognition of their responsibility for its conservation for future generations.

VII. Coordination of activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations acting in environmental protection

Implementing its program purposes, the Ecological Movement considers it is necessary to develop partner relations with public organizations, self-government civil institutions, other civil society institutions, and will seek to coordinate the efforts of non­governmental non-profit organizations acting in environmental protection.

For these purposes, the Ecological Movement intends:

-to initiate and promote public activity in environment by establishing public associations, public funds and other non-governmental non-profit organizations for solving specific environmental problems;

-to support environmental youth initiatives, actively involve youth in environmental activities;

-to widely involve farmers and other agricultural workers in ecological movement in order to activate their participation in solving problems of rational and solicitous attitude to land and water resources in the country;

-to assist to strengthen cooperation between public education and health authorities, women and youth organizations, self-government civil institutions in propagating philosophy of health, healthy life style, focused on forming among people a proper and responsible attitude to maintenance of his/her health, organization of his/her life activity in harmony with laws of nature.


Attracting public attention to the necessity to solve environmental improvement and protection problems in a successive and persistent way, the Ecological Movement calls all citizens of the country to actively participate in addressing a noble challenge to conserve priceless natural resources of the homeland for future generations.