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We have good news for you. The batteries that you collected for a long time, can be thrown in the trash. Do it right now. We urge you not to harm nature. Just as with batteries, and must act.

People are used to that batteries require special handling. Companies "Duracell" and "Energizer" debunked myths about battery disposal. Why is it they can just throw?

Special recovery is not required main myth - the batteries are poisoning the environment. Until 1996, it was true. They contain mercury and cadmium. Today, such a product can not be found. Prior to 1996, mercury amalgam is used to improve the quality of the batteries. However, at the end of XX century the manufacture of these energy sources the process of improvement. Thus, the battery is no longer toxic. Moreover, they are used for fertilization of plants.Do you think that during the processing of the old batteries make new ones? Such a process does not pay off. Therefore, the product is freed from the plastic shell and converted into the muck. It contains a large amount of iron, zinc, manganese, nickel, and potassium. These components help farmers deal with wilting. In particular, focal necrosis and leaf drop-out. "Duracell" the company stressed that throw alkaline batteries in the trash - it is normal. Firm "Energizer" fully confirmed this statement. However, in such a way can not be disposed of car batteries. Here they must be taken to reception centers. The company also stressed that, despite the battery safety, the fire it is better not to leave - may explode. Storing batteries in the freezer - the same stupid idea. Charge them from it is not added.