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As well as in other areas, China solves problems using advanced digital technologies.

Initially, 24 million Shanghai residents negatively perceived reform.Chinese confused confusion with the definition of the type of garbage and inconvenient system of its release. A non-compliance poses a fine and even a credit rating downgrade. However, to help them come to the local technology companies.

Services WeChat, Baidu and Alipay have improved their built-in search engines. Now they can check what type of, for example, a plastic bottle or a newspaper.

Alipay said that just three days to its built-in prilozheniyu- "sorter" joined one million users. The base program consists of 4000 types of waste and is constantly updated. In the future, the developers plan to save people from having to type the name of the object emitted and also give an opportunity to simply take a picture of it.

The system can determine the subject and suggest where to throw it away, using computer vision. 
Alipay also took up the townspeople, who are too lazy to understand the new schedule of garbage collection. There was a special feature "garbage pick up" The service delivery food in an electronic purse application. Now carry bags of trash from the front door of Shanghai residents homes. The service costs just $ 2.

According to the Chinese agency Xinhua, some apartment complexes have begun using QR-code on the bags of trash that in the event of a breach of its track. If any flat wrong sort the waste, they can easily find. When this sorting is rewarded correct amount of 0.1 yuan (about 1 rate).