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On July 8, the Regional Ministerial Conference of European and CIS Countries on the Green Economy began its work in Tashkent.

The Forum will promote successful, evidence-based solutions for a green economy that respond to the needs of the countries of the region in implementing the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030.

The regional ministerial conference of the countries of Europe and the CIS on the green economy of the current year was organized by the government of Uzbekistan, the World Organization of Green Economy and a number of organizations. It is attended by government officials, representatives of international organizations, foundations, the private sector, as well as representatives of civil society from all continents.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the ministerial panel discussion on stimulating policies and regulatory frameworks for the green economy, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Finance Minister Jamshid Kuchkarov stressed that the goals of this event fully coincide with the main goals of the World Organization for Green Economy. In addition, Uzbekistan is very interested in implementing projects in this direction.

The director of the World Organization of Green Economy, Abdul Rahim Sultan, noted that the initiative of Uzbekistan to transform the country’s green economy is strongly supported by international structures. Environmental challenges are very relevant here, and therefore the parties intend to establish close cooperation between the public, private sector and the international community in realizing the goals of the green economy.

The conference emphasized the active practical actions of our country in introducing the "green" economy and other relevant international organizations to the activities of the World Organization. In particular, the Action Strategy on the five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017–2021 focuses on environmental issues, environmental protection, development of innovative technologies, the use of renewable energy and others, which are directly ways of transition to a green economy.

The regional ministerial conference of the countries of Europe and the CIS on the green economy of this year is intended to be a continuation of the annual World Summit on the green economy.

Within its framework, during three days, panel sessions will be held on various topics, such as the spread of green innovation technologies, financing of the Sustainable Development Agenda, a sunny investment transition to a green economy, and others. At the end of the conference, experts of the World Organization of Green Economy will organize trainings on scaling the transition to a green economy towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda.