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It seems that there is no need to represent the interlocutor of "PV" - he is known throughout the republic. Boriy Alikhanov is the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, the head of the deputy group from the Ecomovement of Uzbekistan, and now the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

A politician, directing all his strength and energy to the preservation of the nature of the country.

To be honest, the conversation with Boriy Batirovich came on a specific occasion - the situation around Chor-Chinor. However, the conversation went beyond the same narrow topic and touched on various aspects of public life, including the work of the new political movement - the Ecological Party of the country, created in early 2019.

- Boriy Batirovich, tell us how the idea of organizing the Ecological Party of the country appeared?

- In November last year, a group of activists decided to create a new political party. This decision is dictated by time. Grand events are taking place in the country, affecting all spheres of social activity - the economy, state and public construction, with an emphasis on implementing environmental programs and solving problems in this area. And we understood: a structure is needed within which people who are not indifferent to the state of the environment could unite. The scale of the existing tasks in the field confronts us with the need to ensure the implementation of targeted state policy, comprehensive solutions to the existing environmental problems, and help to ensure that nature conservation becomes a matter for the state, society, and every citizen. Such a mission is capable of fulfilling the Ecological Party.

The founding congress was held in Tashkent on January 8 of this year, when the central bodies of the association were created, the management team was elected, the Charter and the program of work were approved. And on January 22, the Ministry of Justice registered the party, which from that moment began its legitimate activities.

We studied the international experience of leading countries. Today, there are about one hundred ecoparties (“greens”) in the world, more than half of them are represented in the parliaments of countries and play an important role in legislative processes and the political life of states.

- What are the goals and objectives of the Ecoparty?

- Today, the most pressing problem for all countries of the Central Asian region is the drying of the Aral Sea and the situation associated with it. Mitigation of the consequences of the crisis in the Aral Sea region, the elimination of environmental and social problems for the inhabitants of the region is the first task. This catastrophe - a global scale, requires the close attention of international organizations, world politicians, scientists and experts. In the history of civilization there was no such case that in front of one generation the whole sea disappeared. Speaking at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said: “I would like to again draw your attention to one of the most acute environmental problems of our time - the Aral disaster ... Overcoming the consequences of the drying up of the sea requires active consolidation of international efforts”.

Intensive desertification of the Aral Sea territories, accompanied by the process of pasture degradation, soil salinization, and the development of aeolian processes led to the formation of the Aralkum desert, from which more than 100 million tons of dust and toxic salts rise annually, spreading hundreds of kilometers.

Of course, over the years of independence, certain specialized work has been carried out, including the planting of green spaces at the bottom of the dried sea. Currently, the dry seabed area is 5.5 million hectares. Large-scale work is being carried out in the Aral Sea area to improve the economic, social and environmental situation. And if over the past two decades, the number of planted desert-resistant plantings amounted to only 400 thousand hectares, in the last few months only 450 thousand hectares have been sown with saxaul and other plants, which has no analogues in modern world history. And such landings were conducted not only manually, but also with the help of aviation equipment. In addition, an area of more than 1.1 million hectares was prepared for the events, where furrows were made for planting saxaul seedlings.

At the initiative of our President Aral Sea region, a zone of environmental innovation and technology has been declared, under the UN auspices, a Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Human Security for the region has been created.

And in the face of such transformations, the main task of the party is to become the mouthpiece of the state environmental policy, to mobilize the forces of society to solve environmental and environmental problems. We must achieve a careful attitude to natural resources, primarily focusing on increasing the eco-culture of the population, educating young people.

In addition, we aim to educate the future generation in such a way that they can not only love the nature of their native land, but also appreciate the benefits provided to it. No wonder the main motto of our party: "We are responsible for the future."

In my opinion, any secular political organization should be based on three basic principles: new ideas, consonant with modernity, bringing people dedicated to their work important for the future, and the third - the realization of the convergence of word and deed. If the party makes specific commitments to the electorate, it must fulfill them. And the above principles are basic to our association.

- For many years the Ecomovement functioned quite successfully in the country. And for what purpose was the party created? Are there more opportunities for environmental protection?

- Sure. In a certain period of time, the movement fulfilled its task - mobilized and united the public around itself to solve specific problems. With the creation of the party, our possibilities have expanded. Responsibilities have increased, but now we can solve the tasks before us on a political platform. The main goal has not changed - the promotion of state environmental policy.

In January of this year, we contributed to the holding of a nationwide ecological khashar throughout the country. This is the first such large-scale event in which about six million people took part. And this is also our main task - to instill in people, especially young people, the notion of what exactly today is in their hands not only the future, but also the welfare of the country. In this direction, our activists are carrying out serious ideological work.

The size of the fine for illegal cutting, damage or destruction of trees, shrubs, other forest cultures and young stock has been raised several times. The law on amending the Administrative Responsibility Code was signed by the President of Uzbekistan on May 28.


- We know firsthand that people with an active lifestyle have truly become members of the new party, really ill at heart for preserving the nature of their native land. The same situation with Chor-Chinor: after all, it was the members of the Ecological Party who sent requests to the Prosecutor General's Office with a demand to check the facts published on social networks about tree cutting.

- Of course, we immediately responded to the signal from the public. Relict trees grow around Chor-Chinor, their age is determined by centuries and their loss would undoubtedly become a loss for the nature of this unique place and for its cultural component. A party raid was organized in this area to assess the situation. A group of activists attracted the local community. However, the information received was so controversial that for final clarification we handed it over to law enforcement agencies. What is happening now, and we are keeping the situation under control. We do not want to blame anyone and in no way believe that this was some kind of special action of a negative nature. We regard this only from the point of view of the protection of our natural resources and intend to complete this investigation.

We want to emphasize that information from the scene reaches a very contradictory, and therefore we will wait for the final objective assessment.

In the current, very dense flow of information, it is very easy to confuse people with some subjective interpretations of events. Such "hot" news quite simply cause a stir. And when when checking everything turns out to be completely wrong, the event is no longer a priority and often passes by the attention of the public. Similar news sources are labeled as “yellow press”. And in such a flow of information for an objective assessment of the situation a dialogue between government organizations, social movements and information structures is very important. Such a dialogue should be based on objective concrete facts and, of course, trust. But it will not be superfluous to recheck the received information ...

According to the amendment to Article 79 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, the fine for citizens is now from 5 to 10 MRSD (earlier - from 1/3 to 1), for officials - from 10 to 15 MRZP (earlier - from 1 to 3). The same offense committed repeatedly within a year after the application of an administrative penalty entails the imposition of a fine from 10 to 15 MRSD (previously - from 1 to 3), and on officials - from 15 to 20 MRZP (earlier - from 3 to 7).

- In the world and our country, in particular - a lot of environmental problems. Aral Sea, mountains of solid domestic waste, soil degradation. Why the greatest indignation causes cutting down of trees on the street?

- The human world begins with the simplest — from oneself, the surrounding space (“ecology” means the environment). When we leave the house and see a felled tree, debris in the street, dirty drains, we begin to mentally assess the arrangement of the world. We want or do not want, but being determines consciousness. And we can’t be indifferent to negative changes in our yard, on our street. This is how ecological thinking is formed. And from the small to the large ...

- Often a situation arises where economic interests may conflict with environmental ones. How to be in this situation?

- Today there is such a thing as sustainable development. This is, above all, stable economic growth combined with social protection and ensuring environmental safety. The development of society with a combination of these three aspects can guarantee a prosperous future. A global process is underway in the world to realize a “green” economy using alternative energy sources and resource-saving technologies - the capabilities of our future.

The issue of renewable energy is relevant for all countries, including Uzbekistan, since any developed state should ensure energy security by diversifying energy sources. The use in the profile structure of various areas of energy production - hydrocarbon, renewable sources (wind, solar, water) and nuclear raw materials - gives indisputable advantages. And the development of alternative sources will also give the opportunity not to depend on the end of hydrocarbon production.

Another major advantage of renewable energy sources is a significant reduction in the release into the atmosphere of waste production waste, and therefore, a reduction in direct and indirect damage from this process. It is not entirely correct to put the costs and damage to nature and the economic component of their use on one scale.

The environmental party is in favor of further improvement and introduction of renewable energy sources in our country. In addition, for Uzbekistan with its remote steppe and mountain auls it is also relevant from the point of view of the economy. Local solar power plants would help to optimally solve the situation with the power supply of remote settlements.

Another solution to improve the environmental situation without harming the economy would be to convert motor vehicles to electric or hydrogen energy.

I think that every prudent person wants to live in a favorable environment, drink clean water, raise healthy children and be in harmony with nature. “Look at nature better and then you will understand much better,” said Albert Einstein. People should often look into the soul of nature, and our soul will be cleaner and more sublime. Perhaps this is the ecology of the soul.

Alexander Zotov.

"True East".