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At the State Institute of Art and Culture of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent City Branch of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan together with the Ecological Party of Tashkent organized events on the topic: “Global environmental problems and their solutions”, during which participants received information on the activities of the Ecological Movement and the program objectives of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

The purpose of the events is to form a positive attitude of young people to nature, to expand the ranks of the ecological party. Also, further development of perspective cooperation of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan with the population for the formation of ecological knowledge and skills among the population.

Participants were informed about the party’s programmatic objectives.


- association of citizens seeking to ensure the environmental safety of the country,

- taking an active part in environmental protection and public health,

- rational use and conservation of natural resources.

It was especially noted that an important task of the party is to attract young people.

The new party is intended to unite not only environmentalists, but also all citizens who are ready to stand up for the nature of their native land.

Press service of the

Ecological Party of Uzbekistan