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Over 200 UN Uzbekistan staff members came together at the Alisher Navoi National Park in Tashkent to participate in an environmental campaign dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. The event was organized in conjunction with the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan and with support from Tashkent Hokimiyat (Mayor’s Office).

The staff of twelve UN agencies working in Uzbekistan planted a variety of trees, some of which have been designated as endangered species in Uzbekistan. This initiative carries symbolic implications for the entire UN system in Uzbekistan as it has had UN staff members rally around the cause of environmental protection. This is particularly important considering the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the UN General Assembly in September this year that includes the Sustainable Development Goals. Ensuring environmental sustainability is at the core of the agenda.

Today’s event has given the UN staff an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to UN ideals and the promotion of sustainable development – a development that leads to prosperity and expansion of economic opportunities as well as protection of the environment.

Opening the event, UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan Stefan Priesner said this was a special day as it laid the groundwork for the first-ever Eco Park in Central Asia. He also noted the deep symbolical significance of the environmental campaign because the trees planted in the park will symbolize the close cooperation between the United Nations and Uzbekistan.

The chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the Ecological Movement, Boriy Alikhanov, speaking at the opening ceremony, mentioned the Movement’s efforts to address environmental problems and expressed hope that cooperation with the UN will continue to thrive.

Today’s event will not be limited to planting trees alone. UN agencies took on commitments to take care of the Eco Park, which is set to become a symbol of the UN’s contribution to Green Development in Uzbekistan.