The Tashkent Zoo is celebrating its 90 years. It was opened in late October 1924 on the base of a private menagerie. The three hectare territory was a house for 23 animal species, basically representatives of local fauna.

In 1997, the zoo got a new place next to the Botanical Garden far from the urban noise. Animals received spacious enclosures, comfortable covered pavilions, as well as big artificial lake, and many recreation grounds for visitors. 

Conditions meeting international standards of animal management are getting created in the zoo, old enclosures repaired and new ones built. Currently, the zoo has 373 animal species. The aquarium is rich in salt-water and fresh-water fishes from all cross the world.

Many of unique, rare and exotic animals successfully breed in the zoo, providing the opportunity to acquire new species, and widening the species composition. Those include the Bennett’s kangaroo, aoudads, pig-tailed monkeys, maras, tigers, lions, and many others. In exchange for their breeds the zoo has acquired pumas, loris, amazon parrots, jeweled lizards, and others.

October 29, 2014