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After the violent fires local photographer recorded the first sprouts on trees ... Photos from Australia Murray Lowe recorded magic sprouts on burning trees. These photos were taken in the national park Dhurag.

Each step raised a cloud of ash from the ground as we walked among the trunks of trees in complete peace and quiet. Sprouts, who found and photographed, became the sign of renewal and revival of the Australian forests - Lowe said.

Flora also started to recover in New South Wales and around Kulnury. Experts say that many of the plant species in Australia are often experienced fires for tens of millions of years. So the Australian flora is evolutionary recovery system. Only need rain and time.

In the coming days, meteorologists predict severe thunderstorms over Australia. Scientists fear that rains can contaminate drinking water supplies and cause flooding.

Also, the Australian branch of the World Wildlife Fund admits that the fires could have been killed around 1.25 billion animals and some species could "cross the brink of extinction." In addition, decades will go to the recovery of burned forests, environmentalists say.