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Floating nuclear power plant – a project of Rosenergoatom Concern, which is part of the Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation, has supplied the first 10 million kW/h of electricity from the moment it was connected to the grid on December 19, 2019 to the isolated Chaun-Bilibino energy cluster (Chukotka Autonomous District).

In the future, the Floating nuclear power plant will fully satisfy Chukotka’s growing electricity needs, becoming a reliable source not only for the city of Pevek, but also for the region as a whole.

In the future, the FNPP will replace the capacities of the technologically obsolete Bilibino NPP and the coal Chaun TPP. After commissioning, the FNPP will become the northernmost nuclear power plant in the world. The deployment of the FNPP in the city of Pevek will create conditions for accelerated socio-economic development of Chaun municipal region and Chukotka as a whole. In addition, it will become one of the key infrastructure elements within the framework of the Northern Sea Route development program and ensuring year-round icebreaker wiring. The FNPP is designed with a large margin of safety to counter external threats. The station is equipped with two KLT-40S icebreaker-type reactors that are capable of generating up to 70 MW of electricity and 50 Gcal/h of thermal energy, which is enough to ensure energy consumption in a city with a population of about 100 thousand people.

Currently, Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation is already working on the second generation of the FNPP – the Optimized Floating Power Unit (OFPU), which will be smaller and more powerful than its predecessor will. It is supposed to be equipped with two RITM-200M reactors with a total capacity of 100 MW.