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On January 25, in Tashkent, a meeting was held between the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan S. Sanginov and the head of the Brussels Press Club, Mr. L. Brihay.

The meeting discussed issues of coverage by the Brussels Press Club of the ongoing reforms in Uzbekistan, in particular in the field of environmental protection and climate change in the region, as well as measures taken to solve environmental problems. First of all, the problems of the Aral Sea. The President’s initiative to declare the Aral Sea region a zone of environmental innovation and technology, measures to create a Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea region under the auspices of the UN, and to implement projects with the assistance of the Trust Fund are particularly noted.

Information is also given on the practical actions of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan aimed at mitigating the consequences of the Aral Sea disaster for the environment and the free living of the inhabitants of the Aral Sea region.

Press Service of the

Ecological Party of Uzbekistan