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On January 11, 2020, a round table was held in the conference hall of the Tashkent State Agrarian University on the theme of “Environmental Security as an integral part of Uzbekistan’s national security”, dedicated to the first anniversary of the creation of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

The event was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent regional and district (city) kengashes of people's deputies, representatives of state and public organizations operating in the field of environmental protection and healthcare, scientists, teachers and students of universities, party activists, and journalists.

The participants in the round table noted that the creation of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan on January 8, 2019, was one of the most important events in the socio-political life of Uzbekistan, an important step in implementing reforms in the field of state and social construction in the republic, evidence of the priority attention of society to environmental problems and a notable factor in increasing the image of Uzbekistan in the international arena.

Acting under the motto “We are responsible for the future!”  The party strives to ensure that the task of achieving environmental safety becomes a priority of state policy. The party seeks to unite all the forces of society to combat the causes, and not the consequences of environmental and socio-economic problems, to protect the environment and the formation of an environmentally sustainable society. To achieve these goals, the party identified the following priority areas:

1. Implementation of state policy aimed at a comprehensive solution of environmental problems and improving the environment in the country.

2. Improving national legislation in the field of ecology and healthcare.

3. Ensuring the environmental safety of the population and increasing responsibility for compliance with environmental and sanitary standards.

4. Facilitating the country's transition to a green economy.

5. Intensification of activities in the field of environmental protection, rational nature management and the creation of favorable living conditions.

6. Increasing the level of environmental literacy, the formation of an ecological worldview and a healthy lifestyle, ensuring access to environmental information.

7. Development of partnership in environmental protection and public health.

8. Development of international cooperation in environmental and health issues.

In its efforts to solve these problems, the party seeks to use new ideas and innovative solutions, rely on highly professional, politically mature and dedicated supporters, and steadily follow the principle of unity of word and deed.

As noted, the party formed territorial party organizations in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent and regions of the country, more than 200 district and city party organizations, over 1200 primary party organizations.

More than 247,000 people became members of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, of which 37% are women.

The party’s website is functioning, social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and telegram channels are functioning.

53 memorandums have been concluded with state environmental authorities, universities, scientific and other organizations.

An inventory of environmental problems of all regions of the republic was carried out and their complete list was compiled.

In its activities, the party focuses on practical work:

- On January 23, 2019, on the initiative of the Khorezm, Bukhara and Karakalpak party organizations, under the motto “Help Aral”, a charity event was held in Muynak district of Karakalpakstan: about 500 kg of saxaul seeds and food products for forestry workers working for forestry workers were collected and transferred to the headquarters for forest planting in the Aral Sea region in the Aral Sea region;

- On January 26, at the initiative of the party and its partners, a nationwide charitable environmental hash was held, in which more than 5 million people took part. and earned funds - over 100 billion soums - are transferred to the Aral Sea development funds;

- March 16-19, the Khorezm, Bukhara and Karakalpak party organizations, together with the volunteers of the World Aral Region Charity INC student fund of Columbia University in the United States, installed water purification equipment in three district schools of the Khorezm region, created an ecological garden and planted more than 1000 seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees, and in the Muynaksky district of Karakalpakstan, a friendship garden was created, where about 5000 seedlings were planted;

- On June 15-16, the Tashkent Regional Party Organization, together with the Ecological Movement and the IFAS Agency, in the framework of the international festival "Chimgan Echo-2019" held an action "We are for clean Chimgan" to clean the territory of the mountain tract from household waste:

- On July 7, the party organized a trip of representatives of the public and the media to the Forish district of the Jizzakh region at the construction site of a nuclear power plant and held public hearings on the development of nuclear energy in Uzbekistan;

- In order to promote the use of renewable energy in the territory of the Ship Cemetery complex in Muynak district and in a number of healthcare institutions, renewable energy sources have been installed.

    The party has developed proposals to solve problems in the field of solid waste management. In October, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the Ecoparty’s proposal to use biodegradable bags created by young party members instead of existing plastic bags.

As a measure to solve the problem of illegal tree felling in the country's settlements, the Ecological Party submitted to the Government a proposal to declare a moratorium on tree felling, which was announced by Decree of the President of the country of October 30, 2019. on approval of the "Concept of environmental protection in the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030."

   The party is conducting consistent work to implement the initiatives and proposals of the President of the republic, voiced at the IFAS summit in Turkmenistan in August 2018. Representatives of the party actively participated in the creation of the Multi-Partnership Trust Fund for Human Security for the Aral Sea region, the preparation and holding of the High-level International Conference under the auspices of the UN “Aral Sea Zone of Environmental Innovations and Technologies” in Nukus on October 24–25,

On the eve of the conference on the initiative of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan on October 17-22, this year The first international environmental marathon “ARAL MARATHON” was held under the motto “We are responsible for the future”. 30 thousand people took part in the Eco-marathon, the stages of which were held in 6 cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Nukus and Muynak.

    The party has established a system for responding to citizens' appeals regarding violations of environmental standards, a “helpline” is operating. Based on the appeals of residents, public hearings were organized on the state of impact of industrial enterprises such as Agro-Beijing LLC in the Syrdarya region, Ammofos-Maxam JSC in Almalyk, Uzvtorsvetmet JSC and Tashkent Tube Plant LLC in the Sergeli district of Tashkent on the environment and the health of the population of adjacent territories. In total, hearings were held on the heads of 7 large industrial enterprises. In order to objectively assess the situation, the practice of conducting social surveys among residents of territories adjacent to enterprises was introduced.

Based on the results of the public hearings, recommendations were developed containing comprehensive measures to improve the environmental situation and reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment and public health, as well as on the modernization of production. Established public environmental control over their implementation.

It was also noted that the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan took an active part in the 2019 election campaign. by election

For the first time participating in the elections, the party nominated 149 candidates to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 831 candidates to the Jokargi Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Tashkent city and regional kengashs, about 6,000 candidates to the district (city) kengashes of 7 people's deputies. 3% they were women.

 In order to inform voters of the party’s election program and candidate programs, more than 300 rallies, more than 100,000 meetings with voters were held. Over 600 banners and spiders were produced, 1,100,000 flyers, 450,000 booklets, more than 500,000 posters, 3,000,000 flyers and 3 000 000 pocket calendars, as well as other image products. More than 20 videos, 6 telecasts have been prepared and broadcast, and over 500 materials have been published in print and electronic media.

Materials about the party have also been published and aired by foreign media (Voice of America, The Times Kuwait, Sputnik, BBC).

The work of 9260 observers and 8670 authorized representatives of party organizations and proxies of candidates was organized.

According to the results of the election, 15 became deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and 580 representatives of the party became local councils of people's deputies. This makes it possible to form a faction of the Ecological Party in the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament of the country and to create a party group in the local councils of people's deputies.

It was emphasized that the tasks of the party in the near future will be the provisions of the election program and the mandate of voters. In particular, to provide the population with high-quality drinking water, reduce atmospheric air pollution, increase the share of renewable energy in the energy balance, increase the share of recycling solid household and industrial wastes, an increase in the area of protected natural territories, an expansion of the area of forest plantations and the creation of “green belts” around cities and industrial centers.

It was emphasized that the primary task is to develop a comprehensive law of direct action - the Environmental Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Taking into account that today is the Day of Reserves and National Parks, the participants of the round table adopted an appeal to party activists and the general public with an appeal to hold an eco-week and an action under the motto “Help Aral” to collect saxaul seeds and transfer them to the headquarters for afforestation of the dried bottom Aral Sea.

The participants of the event were informed about the project of creating a scientific and production center for ecology and environmental protection at the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in order to practically implement the tasks formulated in the party’s election program. This work will be carried out in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation between the Ecological Party and the Scientific and Production Center ECO AGRO INDUSTRIES NOU HAU.

Scientists and engineers of this center invented and patented a number of inventions aimed at solving urgent environmental problems. SPC "ECO AGRO INDUSTRIES NOU HAU" will assist the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in organizing events in all regions of the country on the implementation of innovative ideas and technologies, as well as conferences, round tables, seminars, and competitions on pressing environmental issues.

In anticipation of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland, the event hosted the rewarding of a number of veterans and reserve soldiers who contributed to environmental protection, the implementation of public environmental control, educating young people in the spirit of love in their native nature, and the formation of an ecological culture among the population. It was noted that

At the end of the event, an excursion to the educational facilities of the Tashkent State Agrarian University was organized to get acquainted with the current industrial design of the water treatment plant, as well as with other technologies developed by domestic scientists.

Press Service of the

Ecological Party of Uzbekistan