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The adoption of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan was an important stage in the development of legislation on elections to representative bodies, and in general, in the process of implementing democratic reforms in the country.

In accordance with the previous Law "On Elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan" as amended in 2008, there was a quota for representatives of the Ecological Movement - 15 seats in the lower house of the national Parliament. In accordance with the procedures approved by the CEC, the election of candidates for deputies of the Legislative Chamber was held at the Ecological Movement Conference on the day of general elections to the country's representative bodies. The delegates to the Conference were elected at conferences of territorial offices.

The procedure for electing candidates for Parliament at the Conference was a rather exhausting process.

After approval of the decision of the Ecological Movement Conference on the election of candidates for deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis by the Central Election Commission, they received deputy status. In the structure of the lower house of the Parliament, an Ecological Movement deputy group was formed, whose task, along with representing and protecting the interests of the public in environmental protection, rational use of natural resources, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, and participation in decision-making in this area, was to improve environmental legislation , as well as control and analytical work to study the state of implementation of environmental standards and the implementation of parliamentary control.

The environmental movement twice participated in the election campaign - in 2009 and 2014, and accordingly, the deputy group worked during the last two convocations of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that being the smallest deputy formation in the Legislative Chamber, the Ecological Movement deputy group in the last decade has made a significant contribution to the improvement and development of the country's legislation. During the period of the activities of the deputy Ecological Movement group, its members initiated the development and adoption of about 30 laws regulating environmental protection, nature management and the protection of the health of residents of the republic.

At the same time, the possibilities of the Ecological Movement were limited, firstly, by the lack of the ability to nominate their representatives to local representative authorities, and secondly, by the limited resources for organizing large-scale environmental events.

The question of changing the approach to the formation of the legislative body of the country has really become the imperative of the time.

In his Address to the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev noted that “the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, organized in 2008, over the past period has become a real political force. However, it should be recognized that the inclusion of representatives of the movement in the lower house of parliament on the basis of a predetermined quota does not increase their activity and initiative. I think that the time has come to create a level playing field for all political forces and to refuse from quotas for seats in the Legislative Chamber for representatives of the Ecological Movement. The introduction of this change will strengthen healthy competition in the political arena and will serve to strengthen the Ecological Movement as a separate political force. ”

In addition, experts from the Bureau for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have repeatedly raised the issue of the validity of introducing a quota for the Ecological Movement in 2008 and maintaining it during the parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan in subsequent years.

The Electoral Code, which is a single comprehensive legal document, regulates not only these issues, but also many other aspects of the electoral process and the participation of all political forces in accordance with modern democratic norms. Its adoption gave a powerful impetus to the increased activity of political parties in preparation for the 2019 election.

It should be noted that the creation of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan became one of the most important events in the socio-political life of Uzbekistan and stimulated the competition of parties in the struggle for the growth of their supporters.

The new party was created on January 8, 2019. At the Constituent Congress of the party, the Program, Charter and symbols of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan were approved, its governing bodies were elected.

The next step was the holding in late February - early March 2019 of conferences on the establishment of territorial party organizations of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and in the city of Tashkent.

In May and summer months of the current year, district and city party organizations were created.

Now the party has 14 territorial and more than 200 district and city party organizations. In many makhallas, at enterprises, in institutions and organizations, primary party organizations have been created.

Over the 8 months of its activity, over 247,000 people have become members of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, of which 37% are women, more than 40% are young people.

Unlike other parties that have repeatedly participated in the election campaign and have experience in the election campaign, the Ecological Party is a novice among the political players of the republic. The party has no experience in participating in the elections and using modern tactics and political technologies in the election campaign.

Given these circumstances, the party has developed and is implementing a program for preparing for the electoral process, an important stage of which was the training of an asset on the issues of strategy and tactics for participating in elections. At the first stage of training under the special program “Elections: Strategy and Tactics of Victory”, conducted in partnership with the Independent Institute for Monitoring the Formation of Civil Society in August this year, more than 50 employees of the central apparatus of the party and the leaders of territorial party organizations were covered. At the second stage, in September of this year, the Karakalpak Republican and regional party organizations organized a similar program for the training of leaders of district party organizations.

Another measure was the organization of the work of the election headquarters of the Ecoparty under the Central Council and with the councils of territorial party organizations, which operate around the clock.

The party developed a draft election program, held debates on central and local television, as well as in territorial party organizations, organized environmental campaigns, rallies, and other practical events using outdoor advertising and wide media coverage.

Having joined the 2019 election campaign, the party determined the most important tasks of its election program.

Among them:

- implementation of state policy aimed at ensuring environmental safety of the population, a comprehensive solution of environmental problems and improving the environment in the country;

- improvement of national legislation in the field of ecology and healthcare;

- facilitating the transition to a green economy;

- increase the level of environmental culture, the formation of a healthy lifestyle;

- development of international cooperation in environmental and health issues.

When implementing these tasks, a wide range of problematic issues will be covered, such as:

- drying of the Aral Sea and mitigation of its negative consequences for the population and the environment of the Aral Sea;

- pollution of air and drinking water sources, lack of water resources;

- land degradation and desertification of large territories;

- reduction of biodiversity;

- accumulation of large volumes of industrial and domestic waste;

- food security;

- low level of environmental knowledge and the need to improve environmental culture;

- the lack of a single integrated regulatory act regulating all issues in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

The party will seek security in the coming years and until 2025:

- development and adoption of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan

- implementation of the Concept “Aral Sea Area - Zone of Environmental Innovations and Technologies”, implementation of programs and projects of the Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Human Security for the Aral Sea Region;

- unconditional implementation of the provisions of the "Concept of the development of environmental education in the Republic of Uzbekistan";

- access of 100% of the population of rural settlements with high-quality drinking water;

- reduction of atmospheric air pollution by 1.5 times;

- bringing the level of processing of municipal solid waste to 40%, industrial waste - up to 20%;

- increase the area of protected natural areas to 12%;

- expanding the area of forest stands from 7.6% to 15%;

- bringing the share of renewable energy in the country's energy balance to 10%.

To this end, specific mechanisms for solving these problems have been developed.

We know how to act, how to solve environmental problems and improve the environment and human health. Therefore, our main slogan was the slogan “We are responsible for the future!”.

We understand that already today no one is making any discounts for the new party, and moreover no one will be making discounts on the day of general elections on December 22. Only professionalism, complete dedication, determination, perseverance, unity of word and deed in protecting the environment and health of the country's inhabitants will be able to give an advantage over opponents and be adequately evaluated by voters.

The Ecological Party is ready to take part in the elections and fight for deputy seats in the Parliament of the country, Zhokargi Kenes, regional, district and city kengashes of people's deputies!

Bory Alikhanov,

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central

Council of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan