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And if simpler, then, without solving the problem of food waste, climate change is unstoppable.
When people talk about how they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is always referred to as energy, transport and industry. But all tend to forget that 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions is agriculture.

Livestock industry in the US

Agriculture uses 40% of all cultivated land and 60% of all the water, which is used by mankind. And if you add to agriculture deforestation by fields and arable land, forest fires, which are connected with it, the loss of habitat of rare species of animals, and so on, the amount we will talk already of 25% of the emissions of all greenhouse gases on the planet.

And now, when we say that 30% of all food on the planet, are sent to landfills do not even unpacked, it becomes quite a criminal practice, as greenhouse gas emissions from food waste is still 8% of all emissions in the world.

30% of high-quality food products sent to landfill by dining table

And the sum turns out that agriculture, if we evaluate it "cradle to grave" is responsible for 33% of all greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

And this statistic says including the fact that everyone who reads this, can not be changing their way of life to become who will prevent the next forest fire or a fire in a landfill and will not allow the new typhoon form.

We need to start to throw away less food. This means:

1. Buy as much as you need. Compose your shopping list.

2. Store food properly and follow the expiration date.

3. One black dot does not mean that the fruit or vegetable is poor.

4. Put in a bowl as much food as you can eat. Do not be greedy, it is better to take a supplement, to dispose of the remains.

5. Use leftovers: yesterday, add pasta in an omelet, and soured milk - into the dough for pancakes. Or  freeze  until the next time.

And even more information in our article on " Planet of discarded products "

Try it, you will succeed!