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On September 27, Tashkent city branch of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, together with the Tashkent city party organization of the Yakkasaray district of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, held a round table on the topic: "Hazonrezgilik Muammosi" in the autumn.

The main purpose of this event is to strengthen the interaction of state bodies with the population in the prevention and elimination of environmental problems.

At the event, participants were provided with information on seasonal environmental problems associated with leaf burning and its harmful effects on human health and air.

With the advent of autumn, the leaves of the trees begin to turn yellow and fall. At this time of the year there are a large number of cases of unauthorized burning of dried leaves. When burning dry leaves, grass, various wastes, toxic and carcinogenic substances are released, causing various allergic, asthmatic and tumor diseases. Environmental protection is a major factor in maintaining public health.

During the event, detailed information was provided on the work being carried out by the responsible state bodies on the prevention and elimination of these environmental problems, advocacy measures, and legal impact measures.

As noted at the event, in order to maintain ecological balance in our country, it is necessary to take measures for the timely removal, composting and burial of dried fallen leaves.

Information service of the

Ecological Party of Uzbekistan