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On September 24, 2019, a regular meeting of the Central Election Commission was held. The meeting was attended by members of the Central Election Commission, representatives of political parties and the media. According to the agenda, the issue of registration of authorized representatives of political parties was considered.

According to article 34 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the political party that nominated candidates is entitled to appoint an authorized representative to participate in the meetings of the election commission, submit documents, verify the correctness of compilation of signature sheets, counting votes at a polling station.

In accordance with the Regulation “On the Authorized Representative of a Political Party”, approved by Decree of the Central Election Commission of September 11, 2019 No. 935, the head of the highest body of a political party appoints an authorized representative within five days from the date of the official announcement of the start of the election campaign, and also provides the Central Electoral Commission necessary documents for its registration.

As you know, on September 20, 2019, the Central Election Commission adopted a resolution No. 944 on announcing the start of the election campaign for the election of deputies to the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan and local Kengashes. On the same day, the CEC announced the start of the election campaign.

In this regard, the leaders of five political parties operating on the political platform of the country, after the appointment of their own authorized representatives, applied to the Central Election Commission with a request for their registration and provided the necessary documents.

The Central Election Commission, having examined the relevant documents on authorized representatives recommended by the leaders of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People - the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Social Democratic Party Adolat, the Democratic Party Milly tiiktlanish, the People’s Democratic Party and the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, decided registration of authorized representatives and handing them a certificate (mandate) of the established form.

The Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan determines that a political party may nominate candidates for deputies provided that it has collected at least 40,000 signatures of voters supporting its participation in the elections, as well as that letterhead forms are issued by the Central Election Commission after the announcement of the start of the election campaigns.

 Based on the foregoing, during the event, the Central Election Commission handed in registration certificates to authorized representatives of political parties, as well as established signature sheets for collecting voters' signatures.

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Central Election Commission