On September 16, the Karakalpak regional branch of the Ecomovement together with the Karakalpak Republican Party Organization of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan organized a round-table discussion on the topic: “The ozone layer shield” in the 37th specialized school of the city of Nukus.

Environmental issues were clarified. It was noted that tons of waste is thrown into the atmosphere, water and soil every year, among which there are toxic substances that cause cancer and other serious diseases of people and animals. Depletion of the protective ozone layer causes approximately 2 million cases of cancer per year. This is also associated with increased air pollution, low quality of drinking water, pollution of water bodies, lands, etc. Not only humans suffer from air pollution, but also animals and plants. Air pollution poses a threat to human health, causing great economic damage. Emissions harmful to humans and nature can travel vast distances in air currents. For example, it was found that industrial emissions are carried over distances of more than 1000 km. From the point of view of public health, cities with a high concentration of industry remain the most disadvantaged. A polluted atmosphere causes an increase in the number of respiratory diseases. As the speakers noted, humanity has recently begun to pay attention to the state of the environment. It was in the twentieth century that such a science as ecology developed and its basic laws were formed. In a critical environmental situation, humanity is required to comprehend the new situation in the biosphere of the Earth, so that it does the least harm to the environment.

To do this, it is necessary to educate a new generation of people who have the latest technology in their resources and are sympathetic to the problems of the interaction of man and nature. Only then will the history of mankind continue.

Press Service

of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan