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On September 14 of this year, an extraordinary plenum of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan was held.

The plenary session was attended by members of the Central Council of the party, chairmen of party organizations and primary party organizations of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent, party workers and activists, and representatives of the media.

There is not enough time left until the next elections to the Oliy Majlis and local Kengashes. As was noted at the plenary session, it is necessary to carefully prepare for the conduct of this political process at a high level, on the basis of our national legislation and international standards, which is very important in the socio-political life of the country. Today, increasing the socio-political activity of citizens, raising their legal awareness, attention to political parties, increasing their role in society is an important factor in the transition in the current elections, a healthy competitive environment, based on the principles of openness and transparency, equality.

Indeed, political parties are facing a big test. The newly created and for the first time participating in the elections environmental party of Uzbekistan feels a huge responsibility.

The main ideology of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, without dividing society into any social groups, is to unite all its forces and potential, to ensure the rights of the current and next generation to a favorable environment, achieve environmental stability, protect public health under the slogan “We are responsible for the future ".

The Ecological Party of Uzbekistan is a party of true patriots, devoted and dedicated to the environment and nature protection, regardless of age, gender, nationality, language, religion, social origin, personality and social status, striving for the future.

In order to further intensify the activities of the party, to bring to the public the essence and significance of the Electoral Code, organize the election campaign of a political party, develop an election campaign strategy, create an image of the party and candidates, develop an effective election program, an effective dialogue with the election campaign and the media, develop a general idea and the slogan of the election campaign, the republican and regional stages of training seminars on the topic “Elections: Strategy and Tactics of Victory” were held. It was noted that in the future it is necessary to seriously prepare for holding in the context of districts and cities.

It was also emphasized at the Plenum that the debate on the discussion of the election program of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan took place in almost all regions of our republic.

Based on the suggestions and comments made in the debate, the expert group improved the party’s election program, covering all aspects of ecology and environmental protection, healthcare, education and upbringing, promoting the implementation of state policy in the economic sphere, including improving national legislation, ensuring environmental security, the development of a green economy, bringing environmental education systems to a new level, strengthening international cooperation but.

The participants of the event decided to include specific proposals in the election program of the party of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan:

- achieving a reduction in water consumption in all sectors of the economy, and the introduction of effective water saving technologies for 25% of irrigated land, including the implementation of projects aimed at the widespread use of drip irrigation technologies


- bringing the area of protected natural areas to 12 percent of the country.

- The introduction of a system of continuing environmental education in secondary and secondary special educational institutions, the introduction of a system of training pedagogical personnel in ecology in higher educational institutions.

- increasing the socio-political activity of women and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. Improving the medical culture of the population.

-decision of the establishment of a research institute in the field of ecology and environmental protection, rational use of natural resources.

- ensuring the ecosystem and environmental protection, taking into account the value of natural resources in the development of national strategies and programs for the development of industries and sectors of the economy.

-improvement of the regulatory framework in the field of ecology, ensuring strict observance of international norms and rules adopted by Uzbekistan, and the adoption of a comprehensive and direct action of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- an increase in the number of environmentally friendly vehicles, an improvement in the use of bicycles by the population, and the conformity of fuel quality with international standards. Solving the issue of disposal of obsolete vehicles.

- An agreement was reached to include in the election program of the party specific proposals for the construction of all houses under construction in accordance with the requirements of the green economy.

Based on the tasks set at the plenum, it was decided to strengthen the party’s propaganda on the ground, pay serious attention to propaganda work, attract dedicated, qualified cadres to the party’s ranks, and properly organize the activities of primary party organizations.

Press Service of the

Ecological Party of Uzbekistan