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4 and 5 September in a Moscow park "charge"  has passed III Climate Urban Forum to discuss topical issues of environment and climate, responsible consumption and environmental education were also considered examples of local and international experience of creating and implementing environmental projects. 

"Snob" attended the event and spoke with the director of the program "Climate and Energy" the WWF Russia Alexey Kokorin and see if vegetarianism may affect climate change and what should be done every person to help the environment.

What is happening to the climate?

In the world to natural climate variations imposed anthropogenic component, which not only shifts the climatic parameters, how many swings.

What factors provoke climate change?

First, natural causes. Solar activity, volcanic activity - after some eruptions there is a strong cooling for several years. The orbit of the Earth, with its cycles - the most important factor of coming and going of ice ages, but on the scale of tens or hundreds of thousands of years is not about our lives. Finally, the internal variation of the heat flows between the ocean and the atmosphere, such as El Niño, which has become a major factor of climate change in 2015-2016. It is important to understand that this is not the disappearance of energy after the completion of a natural cycle, and its flow, the return from the atmosphere into the ocean and vice versa.

Second, the growing influence of anthropogenic factors in recent years. Human activity contributes to the greenhouse effect. It's not much, but it obviously increases the temperature of the planet. More on climate change affects darkening Earth from the sun, so-called global dimming, caused by man-made air pollution by dust and other particles and promotes the reduction of temperature on the planet. Also do not forget about the thermal centers of large cities, which locally change the temperature - this factor is relevant for places rich enterprises, for cities like Moscow or New York, but not for the rest of the world.

How much people contribute to climate change? 

Climatologists say unequivocally: in climate change is to blame the man, he has a tremendous impact on the climate. Much remains to be seen, but it is clear that the time interval of 50-100 years or more in the past and in the future anthropogenic influence is the main factor, which is involved in climate change. If we talk about shorter periods of time, it is natural factors have a greater effect than human activity.

One of the main  events  of the summer was a fire in Siberia, as a result of which burned 2.6 million hectares of forest. This was due to the climatic changes in the region?

For fire need a few prerequisites, the climate is only one of them. Climate change increases the number of fire risk days, and of course, their number is growing, but not enough to cause environmental disasters of this magnitude. Here, in no case do not need all the blame on climate change. It is crucial how people responded to the fire and how quickly took action.

In this case, if you look at climate predictions, we see that the second half of the century, the situation is getting worse, especially in areas of southern Siberia. The result of the disaster is dependent on greenhouse gas emissions. It all depends on the person.

Recently, a fashionable environmental movement  zero-waste . Its members reduce the amount of garbage produced, using reusable items that do not fall into the dustbin and not pollute the environment. This helps to solve climate problems?

This contribution will be quite small, but if you think globally - this is a positive trend, important and useful for the environment as a whole.

If you reduce the consumption of food, it will stop climate change?

The bulk of the population of the planet has become in recent years to overeat. If a person will turn to a more conscious type of food, will consume less meat, we will see a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which have a positive impact on the climate conditions.

So vegetarianism - it's saving the planet? 

In a recent  report  of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change examines the theme of modern human nutrition, its effect on the environment and climate change. There types of diets compared with the number of emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The most strict vegan diet can reduce the total equivalent emissions of CO 2  to 8 billion tonnes per year, thereby reducing the  potential for global warming , measures the impact of this gas on climate change.

Thus Now all anthropogenic emissions are 50 billion tons of CO 2  equivalent. For comparison: the transition to the Mediterranean diet gives a decrease of 3 billion tons, which is also quite noticeable, and overeating of speech in general, and does not go with such diets. So - yes, a general decline in the consumption of meat and go mainly on vegetarian food can have a positive impact on the climate condition.

What a helpful habit to climate people can work out today?

The biggest, which tied all the others - not to spend wasted resources: do not overeat, rarely use disposable packaging, less to create and dispose of garbage, more economical to consume electricity, heat and water.

Another important habit for the modern business person - refusal to travel in favor of videoconferencing and communication with the help of modern means of communication. Choosing a long-distance flights, you sponsor carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and thus harm not only to the current climate, but also to their descendants, who have yet to live on our planet.