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The Ecological Party of Uzbekistan made a statement regarding a public opinion poll conducted recently in the country, a correspondent reports.

Recall that recently the National News Agency "UzA" organized a poll whose purpose is to find out what political preferences of citizens are for the upcoming elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis in December and also to local councils of people's deputies of the country.

The survey featured all five political parties, including the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, which is a new player in the political arena.

"Despite the fact that the Ecological Party entered the political arena only this year, more and more concerned citizens of the country have recently joined its ranks who are not indifferent to the environmental situation and who are already making real proposals for improving it," the party said .

These proposals, including planting mountain slopes with drought-resistant trees, such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, changes in urban planning legislation, which make it mandatory for the construction of buildings to include underground parking lots, the creation of green spaces in all areas of the capital, and measures to improve drinking water quality, a moratorium on cutting down perennial trees, and much more, have already attracted the attention of citizens of the republic, which was reflected in the survey.

"From the first days of the poll, the Ecological Party began to confidently gain votes and by the evening of September 15, it was fourth in the poll with the potential to rise even higher. However, later that day, the number of people who voted for the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan has sharply decreased - from 4.2 thousand to the present 2.6 thousand, which clearly indicates interference in the process of counting votes from outside, "the party said.

"The Ecological Party strongly protests the interference with the poll, as well as the engagement of the poll results, which aims to discredit our noble plans to improve the environmental situation in the country, as well as create a negative image of the party before the upcoming elections to the supreme legislative body and local people's councils deputies, "the Ecoparty said in a statement.