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Catastrophe with shallowing of the Volga acquired visible outlines. Are shown photos and videos from beneaped shallow water reservoirs, which is now possible to drive a car, the deceased mass fish and green rotten water. One word: doregulirovalis! But this is not the Volga became shallow - it became shallow Volga reservoir. Volga there for a long time.

In fact, the current shallowing of the Volga reservoirs can be called a rehearsal for their relief and response. However, it is noteworthy that most of the performances limited to the conviction of officials, managers of water discharge regulation through the dam of the Volga hydroelectric station, and did not concern themselves dams. Fishermen, commenting on photos of dead fish, indignant: "That, as we have for the fine fishing rod!" That is, stop us fine, and the situation with the Volga us quite satisfied. In general, one does not propose any specific measures to remedy the situation on the Volga, but only indignant: "Where the MOE, and where environmentalists?"

Indeed, and where our science, why is it silent? Or within 60 years of the dams science so aggressively promoted zombie "eternity" of these water obstacles? Science if expressed, it is only in this spirit: "Demolish the dam? Yes, in any case! While the volume of sewage drained into the Volga, she instantly turns into the gutter. " In other words, it is sure to want to save the Volga dam and drain sewage into the Volga - too. Allegedly, dams and reservoirs sewage diluted to a suitable concentration.

Of course, this is a blatant lie. The concentration of wastewater into the Volga River has long crossed the threshold of the allowable, and then it only increases rapidly. And who said that by removing the dam of the Volga, drains should be left? The share of the Volga basin accounted for more than one third of the total discharge of waste waters of Russia. The mind, the sewers of the river should be cleaned before that dam!

Yet the most important thing in dealing with sewage - is the elimination of the dams of the Volga-Kama cascade HPP and restore the natural flow of the river. Nothing else will be able to cope with the blue-green algae blooms and water to five million tonnes of organics per year dying in the chambers of the Volga hydroelectric turbines. Just imagine: the water exchange in the over-regulated Volga decreased by 12 times! Therefore, the mere restoration of the natural flow of the river Volga make 12 times cleaner.

Volga with its numerous tributaries (one hundred and fifty thousand!) Served as the grand drainage systems are extensively Volga basin area of 1.36 million sq km Falls in this area each spring melted snow and rolled in Volga: the most part on the surface, and partially replenished groundwater level, which is also moved in Volga through its tributaries. Falls in summer and autumn rains moved in the same direction. In winter, when the snow has not melted and there was no rain, a frozen Volga replenished exclusively by groundwater, and that it was enough to keep the river with fish fauna living in it.

All of this regulated by the Nature of the Volga drainage system worked perfectly for millions of years, until it in the XX century has not interfered mad man. This man suddenly imagined that he intended to conquer the "imperfect" nature: "We can not wait for favors from nature, take them from her - our problem."

And they took and "overregulated" ... As a result of the global Volga giant drainage system in the region has become a "something" that is unparalleled in nature. Now she is not a river or a lake - the Volga is now a giant septic tank for sewage, you can walk on large vessels (still possible). Perfectly balanced ecosystem of the Volga and its region for millions of years, not just broken - it is completely destroyed.

Now the Volga and its tributaries, stopped the reservoirs of the Volga hydroelectric power station, on the contrary, replenish underground water by volume and increase their level. Volga drainage system stopped working. Therefore, the water in the Volga began to receive less, and a huge area of the Volga reservoirs began to evaporate additional 11 cubic km of water a year - that's where the shallow waters in the Volga.

Shore shut down the Volga tributaries, which thoughtlessly cut down forests, slide and raise the level of the bottom of the tributaries, especially the mouth part. Therefore, when they eliminated all the dams on the Volga River, and the river returns to its beaches, the mouth of the tributaries have to clear and deepen, to restore the drainage system of our great river.

All over the world have already recognized that he's on the lowland rivers - blunder. Harm from them many times more than good. In the US, for example, already dismantled and destroyed more than a thousand dams on small and large rivers. The main reason for their demolition - a negative impact on the environment.

It has become necessary to us to save the great Russian river Volga - the mother of Russian land. This salvation is necessary, first of all, for the future of our country, for the sake of people's health, for the sake of our spiritual rebirth. Volga - the great river, the largest in Europe. To destroy it, a man took 60 years of "hard" work and huge financial costs. , Will need even greater efforts and costs to return the Volga country intact. But we have no choice. Without the Russian Volga there. We must roll up our sleeves and harness oneself in this work. And the sooner we begin it, the cheaper and faster to finish it.

Release our major rivers - the Volga and the Don, let them be themselves - and you will see how to transform itself for the better Russian!