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The international community has Saiga under special protection. This August 22  "RIA Novosti"  reported a senior program adviser for the conservation of the seas of the International Foundation for the Preservation of animals (IFAW's) and negotiator cites (CITES), Maria Vorontsova.

Trade in saiga horns or applying in oriental medicine, banned.

"Saiga made the second application of CITES with a zero quota for commercial trade. It would be better in the first application, which prohibits trafficking, but it is also a good option, "- explained Vorontsov. According to her, all the countries in which resides the beast, advocated for the inclusion of the saiga in the convention application, these included Russia and Kazakhstan.

Vorontsov added that the most serious threat to the animal is China's position: it saigas are killed for the sake of 10 thousand tons per year of horns.. In the case of the preservation of this quota saiga could disappear as a species.

Saiga population over the past 10 years was reduced by 80%. Now it includes 350 thousand. Birds and animals group in the territory of Russia, is about 5 thousand. Animals. At the moment, the saiga are on the verge of extinction.

In April, the State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Fetisov told about  the threat of extinction of reindeer , and in early July the Red Data Book of Moscow joined the  117 species  of animals and plants.