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July 23 bill number 2 "Wild animals in circuses" was the third - final - reading in the House of Lords. The law was adopted after ten years of promises legislators.

"I am happy that Parliament finally banned the use of wild animals in circuses. We can draw a line that archaic entertainment in England, Scotland (where the law is already in force) and soon in Wales. We watched the staggering public support since as ADI started to show monstrous truth about cruelty to animals behind the scenes British circuses.

There suffering animals like chimpanzees Trudy, Anne the elephant, as well as many others. I am glad that Britain finally joined the 40 other countries that have already introduced such a ban ", - commented Jan Creamer - president of the International Organization for animal rights Animal Defenders International (ADI).

For the first time the ban was promised by Act of the Government for the welfare of animals in 2006. According to a survey conducted by the ADI organization in 2010, 94.5% of respondents supported the ban.

Around the world, circuses with animals notorious for their violence towards animals contained in them: they are properly fed, kept in filthy cramped pens, forced to perform for the amusement of spectators, coaches beaten and starved animals hunger at default instructions.

The behavior and tricks that animals such as lions, elephants, monkeys, camels, dogs, zebras and many others, performed in the circus arenas, will never be put into practice in the natural habitat of animals. 
Scotland, Italy, New York and India have already banned this cruel practice or accepted toughen measures. 
In the UK, there were only two official circus - Circus Mondao and Peter Jolly's Circus. They contain about 19 animals: 6 reindeer, 4 zebra, camel 3, 3 raccoons, foxes, and ara Zebu (humped South Asian ox). ADI offered help to move the animals to nature reserves.