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Independence allowed us to reconsider our identity, national traditions and values by defining our own development path and creating our future. The successes and achievements of our hardworking people over the past 28 years are directly related to our independence.


Since ancient times, holidays and special days are celebrated in our country with special preparation. General khashars are organized, canals are cleared, new structures, bridges and roads are being built. This is no coincidence, of course. Such qualities as creativity, environmental protection, improvement have been formed among our people for centuries. This unique feature of our spirituality is not only transmitted from generation to generation, but has been improved over the years.

This year, on the eve of Independence Day on August 17-18, in all regions and cities, towns and makhallas of the country, a nationwide khashar was held to maintain the cleanliness of the native land. By common efforts, streets, settlements, apartment buildings and buildings, courtyards, gardens, squares, mosques, cemeteries, etc. were cleaned. It is gratifying that both the young and the elderly part of our society actively contributed to this noble cause.

In the face of ever-growing environmental threats and climate change, Uzbekistan is doing a great job of uniting the efforts of the international community.

In particular, at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev revealed the real picture of the Aral Sea disaster. At the same time, Uzbekistan took the initiative to create the UN Multi-Partnership Trust Fund for Human Security for the Aral Sea region, which was fully supported by the UN.

In addition, at the meeting of the founding states of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea at the “Avaza” tourist center in Turkmenbashi (August 24, 2018), the head of state called for active participation in solving this global problem. It is proposed to combine all efforts to find its solutions.

The State Program for the Development of the Aral Sea Region for 2018-2021, adopted at the initiative of the Head of our country, is aimed at the timely and effective implementation of investment projects to improve the socio-economic situation, mitigation of the consequences of ecological disaster in the Aral Sea region.

According to Christopher Rootes, professor of the University of Kent (Great Britain), one of the leading Western politicians in the West, “emphasizing the impact of environmental threats on humanity is one thing, and finding a political solution to resolving them is another”.

In this context, considering the slogan “We are responsible for the future” as the main motto, the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan has identified a number of measures for the implementation of the above initiatives and proposals.

In particular, representatives of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan took an active part in the work of the Multilateral Forum on the topic "Transition from agricultural and environmental problems to opportunities to attract investment and innovation in the Aral Sea basin region", which was held on August 8-9, this year in Tashkent. The event was organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development together with the Islamic Development Bank, the United Nations Food Organization, the International Drought Research and Education Platform (IPDRE), the United Nations Development Program (USAID), ECFS and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The event participants exchanged views and experiences on innovative scientific, technological and political aspects of improving food and water security, ensuring the vital interests of the local population. During the forum, a number of important documents were signed that provide for cooperation in areas of mutual interest, as well as clear recommendations on the management of water resources in the region were developed.

It is noteworthy that the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan today considers its most important task to ensure the implementation of state policy aimed at achieving sustainable development, high quality of life and public health, environmental safety, creating a favorable environment, preserving natural resources for present and future generations.

To achieve these noble goals, on the eve of the main holiday of our country, the party calls on all citizens to take an active part in this high mission - to protect human health and preserve invaluable natural resources.

Fayzieva Sevara,

Chairman of

Yunusabad district party organization

of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan,

Member of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan