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The administration of the Tashkent region was instructed within one month to declare the natural lake "Urungach" a state hydrological natural monument with an adjoining territory of 43 hectares in the Burchmulla State Forestry of the Ugam-Chatkal National Natural Park.

This is stated in the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On streamlining the use of certain natural territories and objects of the Ugam-Chatkal State National Natural Park”.

The project is published for public discussion.

The project determined that the state hydrological natural monument “Urungach” or, as they are called the Jade Lakes, is located on the territory of the Burchmulla State Forestry, is a part of it and is managed by this farm without land acquisition, with the prohibition of any activity that negatively affects this object.

Earlier it was reported that the spontaneous construction of tappans (gazebos) along Lake Urungach (from the Uighur porridge - jade, urung - light, which means "light or white jade"), one of the most unique natural sites in Uzbekistan, as well as the appearance of paid services in the form teahouse and boating, caused numerous discontent of ecologists and environmentalists.