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On September 28, an ecological raid was carried out at the intersection of Makhtumkuli (Fontansky) street in the Yashnabad district in cooperation with the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan and the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.

On September 28, Karakalpak regional branch Ecological Movement jointly with the Karakalpak Party Organization of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan organized a round table at the Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh on the topic: “The role of eco-journalism in solving environmental problems”.

Namangan regional branch of the Ecomovement together with Namangan regional party organization of the Mingbulak region of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan held a meeting at the farm of Azimjon Khasanov MSG “Ingichka”, on a cotton field.

And if simpler, then, without solving the problem of food waste, climate change is unstoppable.
When people talk about how they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is always referred to as energy, transport and industry. But all tend to forget that 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions is agriculture.

Mercury is one of thiol poisons blocking sulfhydryl groups of protein compounds and those violating the protein metabolism and the enzymatic activity of the body. Especially strongly it affects the nervous and excretory systems . When exposed to mercury may be acute (manifested rapidly and abruptly, typically at high doses) and chronic (effect of small mercury doses for a relatively long time) poisoning. 

Reducing the negative effects of human activity - a rational strategy to combat global warming, even if the reason is different.
One of the most impressive places in Switzerland - a district huts Concordia in the canton of Valais. Here merge four of the glacier, one of which is the longest in the Alps. First hut was built in 1877 on the bank. Today, walking on a glacier in a foggy day, you risk to miss the hut: it hangs on a cliff at an altitude of 150 m above the glacier. Due to climate change in the average level of the glacier is lowered by one meter per year.