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Since 1970 number of wild animals on the planet halved. 
We've learned that animals are always around us. And it seems it will last forever. In 2014, the World Wildlife Fund has published disappointing figures: since 1970 the number of wild animals on the planet halved. Animals form a unique ecosystem that supports life on Earth. 

On the initiative of the Khorezm Party Organization of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan, together with the charity foundation “Sog`lom Avlod Uchun” (For the sake of a healthy generation) and the regional branch of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, a medical examination was organized for the population of the Madaniyat community of the Bagat district.

On April 6, at the 42nd meeting of CAREC Board of Governors, new Executive Director of the centre was elected. Board of Governors members approved Mr Zafar Hakhimovich Makhmudov for the leading position.

391 participants from the countries of Central Asia, near and far abroad, more than 80 speakers, 3 pre-conference sessions, 5 plenary sessional sessions, 5 parallel sessions, a post-conference session of networks of public organizations, an exhibition of climate-resilient technologies - this is not a complete list characterizing this largest environmental event dedicated to promoting regional cooperation and partnerships in climate change adaptation and mitigation in Central Asia.