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Cement - one of the air pollutants. Such conclusions were made by the representatives of the European cement company. Studies have shown that cement provokes the emission of pollutants, which exceed the amount of contaminants produced by all the trucks in the world.

Surkhandarya regional branch of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan in conjunction with the Surkhandarya Regional Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in the Termez branch of the University after named I.Karimov of the Surkhandarya region organized a festive event dedicated to the World Environment Day on the topic: "Our desire to bring our nature to our descendants is our civic duty".

On June 25, representatives of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan and the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan took part in a roundtable on the topic “The contribution of international organizations and institutions of higher education to the development of renewable energy in Uzbekistan”, which was held at the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME).