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“The earth day” which is dedicated to saving the environment is celebrated on the 22th of April every year. However no country ever establishes it as a national holiday. The celebrations of the Earth holiday are not celebrated in special places but several public places are involved the celebrations. In national parks, schools, colleges and lyceums and other study places where the holiday is established to discuss the problems about protecting our planet. The scientists’ concepts of global warming are vitally important.

British scientists exploring an underwater mountain in the Atlantic Ocean have discovered a treasure trove of rare minerals.

Their investigation of a seamount more than 500km (300 miles) from the Canary Islands has revealed a crust of "astonishingly rich" rock.

Scientists say they have detected an atmosphere around an Earth-sized planet for the first time.

They have studied a world known as GJ 1132b, which is 1.4-times the size of our planet and lies 39 light years away.

On April 5,2017  in the  National park named of  Alisher  Navoi in Tashkent city hosted the opening of the UN Eco-park. The event is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan's accession to the United Nations.

On April 7, 2017 the Ecomovement in  Bostanlyk district of  Tashkent region in cooperation with the magazine "Medical-Express",  Ltd   "ZAMONA RANO" and "AESTETICS BEAUTY". conducted an ecological action on the theme: "Healthy lifestyle is the foundation of the future", dedicated to the World Health Day.

An industrial-scale experiment in a Staffordshire forest will help fill gaps in knowledge about climate change.

The project has created an outdoor laboratory by encircling trees with 25m masts gushing high levels of carbon dioxide.